Porkbelly Press is an independent chapbook press based in Cincinnati, Ohio (where pigs fly). We print chapbooks, zines (such as the body image zine Love Me, Love My Belly), and the literary magazine Sugared Water. (SW has its own submittable site: sugaredwater.submittable.com.)

We print in limited & open editions and handbind everything we make. We consider works ranging from literary to genre work, with a preference for speculative work and fabulism. Fairy tales make our little gold hearts go pitty-pat.

If you’re into things with attitude, with beauty, and a sense or humor, you’ve definitely come to the right place.


Chapbook Submission Period:
January 1 – January 31
(or until queue overflows, which is often around Jan 15th)

We consider chapbooks in the following forms:

- poetry or prose poems
- collections of flash or micro fiction
- creative nonfiction such as lyric essays & flash
- black & white art + poetic or micro prose forms
- graphic narratives (must reproduce well around 5x4 inches)


Porkbelly Press also prints open edition micro chapbooks. We consider 8-10 pages of poetry (long or short) OR 8-10 pages of micro fiction or micro CNF. We also have a particular interest in micro prose poetry.

Sub. Period: July 1 - August 1.

Guidelines > Zine > Love Me, Love My Belly

Love Me, Love My Belly (LMLMB) is an annual print zine dedicated to the acceptance of self and imperfection as beauty. It’s about the space between us, our differences, our scars, our wobbly bits, and our power as it relates to the bodies we live in.

We currently consider electronic submissions only. Our zine reading period fluctuates. We anticipate reading: Feb 10 - April 10 & Sept 10 - Oct 10.

LMLMB considers a variety of works ranging from art and poetry to essays in which size or body image is a central theme. We're looking for work that ultimately comes to a positive message or close, work that revolves around self acceptance, or work that seeks to accept imperfection as beautiful.

Please do not submit work that apologizes for itself.

Ends on January 31, 2017$ 12.00 - 20.00
$ 12.00 - 20.00
We sometimes open outside of our regular reading period (which is January). If our queue overflows, as it often does during our season, we offer donation this as an alternative to waiting until next year. Choosing this submission option means we'll send you a chapbook of your choice from the catalog.

- submit a total of 12 to 28 pages of work.
- make a note of your genre in the cover letter.
- submit in a .doc, .docx, or .rtf, one piece per page (use insert > page break when formatting your manuscript as a .doc or .docx).
- include acknowledgements, a bio, and a dedication or epigraph if you would like one.

A table of contents is not necessary.

Ends on March 31, 2017$ 3.00
$ 3.00
The tip jar is an optional method of supporting us & our literary endeavors (and space on this site). Remember that you have the option of fee-free submission during our zine reading period: Feb 10 - April 10 & Sept 10 - Oct 10.

Though tipping doesn't mean we'll treat your submission differently than others, it does garner our good thoughts, thanks, and some good vibes sent out into the universe in your name. :)

Please be sure to make a note of your genre when submitting via the jar!