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Multiple price options
Our tip jar submissions are optional (available to you if our queue overflows before August 1). There are several options for your consideration:

$3 - thank you! :)
$11 - choose a micro from our line & we'll mail it to you or a friend*. (US only)
$15 - choose a micro from our line & we'll mail them to you or a friend*. (Anywhere!)
$17 - choose two micros from our line and we'll mail them to you or a friend*. (US only)
$25 - choose two micros from our line & we'll mail them to you or a friend*. (Anywhere!)
*or we'll donate the micro of your choice to a library / zine library / traveling project if you prefer.

(If you're anti-fees and this is the only micro chap option you see, our queue is full. We welcome your chapbook submission in January, or you can try us again next July for micros!)

Submit no more than 1 chapbook in each genre until you receive a reply.
Simultaneous submissions considered.
Reading submissions in courier typeface makes us very sad—we don’t like reading those manuscripts. Please use Garamond 12 point (or Times New Roman in a pinch).

Pieces should be linked in some way (theme, voice, image, place, etc), or some kind of exploratory arc. It should feel like a stand-alone cluster of work, even if it's part of a larger body.

Submission period: July 1 - Aug 1.

Fiction: We look for evocative work loaded with vivid image or sound, voices full of fierce attitude or lyric quality.

Poetry: We prefer free verse poems or prose poems, and will consider both lyric and narrative.

We'll produce each micro in a open edition—the exact format will be determined at press time. (We're also toying with the idea of sculptural covers.) For samples of our work, please see the current catalog: Porkbelly Press at Wicked Little Heart.

In addition to our regular size chaps, we'd like to offer these small works to introduce readers to a variety of poets and writers—a little something to give folks a taste of your voice.

We prefer that a piece or two be unpublished, but do not require it. The micro chap should not have already appeared in its entirety in a longer work. (Please don't send us a micro chap composed of work in your already-published full length collection.)

Requirements for Submission

  1. 8-10 pages of poetry, prose poetry, micro fiction, or micro creative nonfiction. .doc, .docx, .rtf formats accepted.
  2. Short bio including blog or website link (if applicable) and links to any books or chaps currently available (so we can promote you).
  3. Dedication & acknowledgements do not count against page total. Table of contents is not necessary.

Payment for Accepted Works

10 copies of your micro chapbook (paper covers) or 3 if we do a sculptural cover. (We've got bookbinders & artists on staff, and we like to leave ourselves open to inspiration.) Discount on author/poet copies (15% to 30% depending on production method/costs).

Very Important Note
If you find you've made a mistake with your submission, please request an edit rather than withdrawing & resubmitting.
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